Thursday, June 23, 2011


We woke on Sunday to dark skies that looked pretty ominous for our plans for Father's Day, but it wasn't until I cursed the Gods for ruining our outdoor plans that all Hell broke loose...the black clouds released a turret of rain, thunder and lightening. Fortunately, by the time we finished our lunch the storm had past and things started looking up...the weather Gods were good to us. Donning rubber boots, we were on our way.

Grace and Issy   

One of our stops for the day was the Tangled Garden (on highway #1 just past Wolfville and the turn off to Grand Pré National Park. Tangled Garden is on the right, just before "Just Us Coffee Roasters".
Although Tangled Garden has been there 20 years, this was our first visit.

The welcoming view from the parking lot.

Herbs from the garden hanging 
from the ceiling to dry 
before being used in jellies and infused oils they make and sell from the shop.
The smell when you first enter is amazing
and I really enjoyed seeing the array of herbs. 
They were hanging so compactly that I couldn't help but wonder 
how many mice could be nesting among
the dried foliage.

Dried sunflower heads.

Jellies and oils on display.

Then into the garden to explore... never know who you might meet

 ...or what you might see.

As we were leaving, we noticed these little creatures
peering at us through a shop window. 
They seemed to be wishing us a safe
journey home.


  1. Great photos. You got better ones than Ryan! I may have to steal a few when I get around to my Tangled Gardens post! Had lots of fun--I hope you can come out this way soon, perhaps for a dip in the lake!

  2. I was lovin' it till you got to the mice :)
    It does look like a very cool place and aptly named.

  3. Tangled Garden is a great name! I think if I lived closer I'd be there on a regular basis-- It's beautiful and so are your photos. The one with the jellies and oils is breathtaking.

    Hope you're having a good summer. xo jj