Friday, July 1, 2011

Canada Day - Visiting Past Haunts

While I expect most people flocked to the beach or community parks to celebrate Canada's 144th birthday, we loaded up the truck and headed for the woods to bike through the woodlot that once belonged hubby's grandfather ...and later his father. It was the first time we had been back since the land was sold several years ago. We spent 2 1/2 bumpy hours biking over roads that never existed when the land was in the family, as well as older over grown roads that were there since his grandfather's days. The scape has changed enough over the years that we could not find old familiar landmarks.

Ready to go.

My old circa 1940's Schwinn  Corvette bike
survived yet again
another rough ride.

When the family worked the woodlot
there was still a market for 
natural Christmas trees. 
Now everyone wants a pruned tree like these.

Exploring an over grown road.

Stopping for lunch.

The house I was born in
... in what was then my parents bedroom
...upper left hand window.
The house has change hands many times since I left 
over 35 years ago 
and it's good to see that some work
is being done on it now.

What used to be my grandparents house
...a mansion compared to the one
I grew up in.

The old church hubby went to as a child
...and carved his initials into the pew.
Our eldest daughter was baptized in this church. 
It is now being demolished
...or being taken apart so it can be moved.

An old dilapidated one room school house
hubby's dad attended as a boy.

A visit with hubby's Mom.

...and with my Mom and Dad.


  1. What a nice post, Marisa. You both must have felt right at home. Love the photos you took as well. :)

  2. That sounds like it was a really fun day. I hope I have as much stamina to survive a very rough day as your very cool bike has.

  3. Sounds like you had a good day visitng some old haunts. You'll have to come out to the lake some weekend this summer too!

  4. The pink streamers on your bike are perfect. Your day sounds lovely!
    xo jj

  5. I want pink streamers on my bike -- if only to embarrass the heck out of my daughter !

    What a marvellous outing !