Thursday, April 16, 2009


When it comes to exercise, I sometimes fall into a rut…a very deep rut…that’s very hard to crawl out of. While it usually last a few days, it can drag on for weeks, especially after a long weekend or holiday, as was the case over Easter. You would think having a four day break from work would be the perfect opportunity to fit in a few workouts…right? I generally find it easier to get motivated during the week. Weekends are meant for relaxing…after shopping, laundry, housework, gardening and preparing meals for the following week, a little “sloth” is called for which feels soooo good but only makes it harder to get back into to a routine.
So, after a rough day of caring for overtired kids (first day back after a weekend home with Mommy and Daddy “Monstrous Mondays” is always hard ) I forced myself to go for a walk, followed by some ab and hand weight exercises in front of the telly. I attempted to do some of my favourite standing inverted yoga poses, which I find beneficial for arthritis in my upper back resulting from years of “big boob fatigue”. WOW… rigor mortis! Now, I’m not dumb. I know the benefits of regular exercise, so why is to so hard to keep at it, especially when I always feel so great afterwards?

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  1. LOL! Mom, you are so funny--“big boob fatigue” haha! As far as motivation to exercise goes, you just got to get up and do it, 1 step at a time, and maybe they'll turn into many steps.