Friday, August 12, 2011

Roads To Sea

I had a chance to spend some time with my girls last week and we spent part of our time together in Moncton, New Brunswick, a first for all of us, shopping, visiting the Hopewell Rocks at high tide and low tide, the Fundy National Park, and Cape Enrage.

  Lights reflecting on the Petitcodiac River just behind our hotel
...or mud flats as the tide was out.

On our first day we took an all day coastline excursion with a guided tour, Roads To Sea, owned and operated by a wonderful lady Anna- Marie Weir who did a fantastic job explaining the history of the area and pointing out everything she thought we would be interested in seeing.  Because she thought  we were all quite agile...he he...I love it when I get  included in that group, she changed things up for us so we got to see all areas at high tide and later at low tide.

Hopewell Rocks 
at high tide.
"The Flower Pot Rocks" low tide...we walked on the ocean floor!
Starting at the far left the rocks resemble
...bum cheeks (you can't really tell from this picture)
...the kissing rocks 
...the bear
...and finally, on the right 
...the...well you use your own imagination!

Our first covered bridge,
Sawmill Creek Bridge - 1905
 Our tour group, 
Yogin from Berlin, Germany, 
Me, Celia From Vancouver, 
and my girls, Grace and Amanda.

A stop in Alma for more site seeing 
and dinner.

Table side entertainment provided by Anna
...just for us many tour guides do that?
Lobster Stuffed Chicken

Anna treated us to some 
world famous sticky buns

Point Wolfe Bridge
Fundy National Park

We even got to call a moose...
no luck attracting a moose but my daughter did manage to 
call a park ranger...not a bad looking one at that!
Cape Enrage,
the top attraction in New Brunswick,
has the oldest lighthouse (built in 1848)
on the mainland of NB 
...and what a spectacular view!
Just added to Cape Enrage, 
it actually opened the day we were there,
is this 660 foot zip line.
I would have loved to wiz above the cliffs
over looking  the water but they had just closed down
for the day when we got there.
I did get to zip line at TreeGo the next day 
which was loads of fun but without the view
...but that's another post.
(You can find our adventure at TreeGo at Walking My Ass Off. )

I would love to return and spend a week or more camping at the Fundy National Park and revisit all the places we saw on our tour. A day is just not enough time to fully enjoy the surroundings. Anna  did an amazing job introducing us to just a small part of what New Brunswick has to offer, and if you are ever in the area, search her out and book a's well worth it.

The Bay of Fundy and The Grand Canyon are the only North American contenders  left in the New 7 Wonders of the World campaign.  You can vote for the Bay of Fundy at The New 7 Wonders Of Nature web site here.

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