Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Heron

"One of the great things about being an early morning walker 
is that you get to experience a feeling of calmness and a quiet serenity 
  that soaks into your pores
and washes away the disturbances
of every day life.
Some people mediate to quiet their body...I walk...and watch."

 As someone who enjoys spending alone time, I felt great affinity for this Heron that I chanced upon while hiking around Graves Island, East Chester.   Although Herons roost and nest in groups they hunt alone unless food is plentiful where they may feed in groups evenly spaced out. They will eat whatever they can catch: fish, insects and spiders, amphibians crustacea and small rodents, reptiles and birds.

This Heron seems to be standing in a lonely vigil to the rising sun although I expect he is just waiting for breakfast to swim by.   

"As a totem animal, the Heron signifies self determination and self reliance.  It is said that the appearance of a blue heron is a symbol to  follow your own unique wisdom  and self-determination. The heron is about following your heart  and your soul  rather than popular opinion  or the latest bandwagon." 

"Herons are pretty solitary creatures. The lesson to take from them is that there is strength to be gained from spending time with yourself, away from the crowds and opinions of others. There are times when following a solitary path, or non-traditional role may be very rewarding."

After watching quietly for ten minutesI approached a little closer for a better shot but a little too close for the Heron.

There he goes...

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  1. Thank you for your nice comment Marisa. I love bird watching too and you got some really nice shots there.Too bad he flew away.

  2. Great shots Mom. I guess you weren't too tired from hiking that day before to get up for your morning walk. I take it Dad was!