Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Delights

Fat juicy strawberries.

More to freeze for smoothies.

Sunny Brown Eyed Susans.

Ice-cream that melts faster than hubby can eat it.

I swear...you can't take that man anywhere!

Enjoy your summer,

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  1. Lovely pictures. What do you use to get the faded out edges--you'll have to show my when I get to your house. I love the cone flowers. Are they easy to start from seed if you save them (in which case, save me some!) Anyhoo, see you soon.

  2. You have found the heart of summer in these pictures.

  3. Hi Marisa, All great summer memories. Black-Eyed Susans have always been a favorite flower of mine. Thanks for the beautiful photos.

    Happy summer, xo jj

  4. Oh this is my kind of foodie post! I love this time of year, especially for the strawberries. :) Beautiful!