Thursday, September 2, 2010


This weeks prompt for "Elements Of Self - Favorite Body Part" required a lot more thought than previous weeks. Perhaps a fitting title should be "The Good...The Bad...And The Ugly" since this post is about what I feel I good about and actually like about my body while the next prompt will focus on my least favorite body parts. I feel like I have been playing a game of "Head and shoulders...knees and toes trying to come up with what I like...a very short list... while the self critical part of me can easily we pick apart all the things...cognitive, physical, emotional, and spiritual etc. about my self that I don't like. Generally the list shifts depending on the circumstances and where I am in my life. When life is a bummer it's is much easier to fall into a negative pit of self hating. Liking myself was much more difficult when I was younger, shyer and more self conscious but I have found that the older I get the less important it is to me. Perhaps I have finally grown into my body or maybe I have reached a point in my life that I just really don't give a shit anymore and accepted the fact that I never had an hour glass body...and I never will. I try to focus more on trying to keep my weight in check, staying active and eating a healthy diet because, saggy boobs, belly rolls, bad skin and frizzy hair I do want to stay in the game for many, many more years.

My Two Favorite body parts are: wrist

...because no matter how the rest of my body fluctuates
from a healthy weight
to a heavier weight
after falling off the wagon,
my wrist never change,
always staying slender
...a reminder that underneath all the padding,
there is a little person.

... and my feet

...not much to look at and painful at times,
they keep me mobile and when placed in the right hands,
they give me immense pleasure.

I would have to say that there is little that tops
the pleasure of a good foot massage...

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  1. Mom, I think ALL of you is beautiful:) hehe

  2. Ah...but Grace, you have to say that...but, truthfully, most of the time I feel OK with the way I look. It's those "down" days that I get nit picky with myself...but isn't that just part of human nature.

  3. ah yes, i LOVE how wrists manage to stay slender. but for me too, it's not just the slimness, but the feeling that this is the real me, under the extra weight.

    ah, ohhhh, and a foot massage... mmmmm

  4. Your wrists are great, so too your feet. And that last picture is very sexy. How lucky you are to get a wonderful foot massage! Enjoy.

  5. Oh, but your wrists and feet are beautiful! Lol, I feel funny saying that! I have small wrists too, though the times when I have been overweight, I don't think I understood how to self-love enough to even think of them as attractive. I know, very sad, huh?

    As I find myself getting older, my perception of beauty and self-love are beginning to shift as well, though I feel a more intense desire to love all of me and to embrace all of me ... not in a I-want-to-look-18-again way, but in a -I'm-an-older-woman-and-proud-of-it-way.

    Thanks for participating!


  6. I'm a big fan of my always slender wrists too.
    Hope you have a happy weekend planned.