Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The theme for this week's "Elements Of Self...The Shadow" with host Juliana at Shakti Mama had me connecting a lot with my faithful companion, my shadow. Unlike a lot of people who need people around them all the time, I am quite comfortable being with myself...just me, myself and I, and sometimes I let my shadow tag along. I don't feel the need for constant conversation which is probably why I enjoy my solitary early morning walks and why I can spend hours alone digging in the dirt and tending to my gardens. Although I like to have hubby's help, I will send him off to a different section of the garden so I can be alone with my thoughts.

Walking is my time to clear my head of negative "garbage", collect my thoughts and recoup, ready to start the day fresh. Even on days that I need to push myself to get started, I will always feel better after, and will only skip my walk on very hot humid mornings. I am looking forward to the cooler fall weather when the air is crisp. My favorite walks are ones just after a snowfall with the sun is just coming up on the horizon, and the only tracks in the snow are my own.

Being a "shortie"
I like the way the early morning sun cast me
as being really....

A lake is the landscape's most beautiful and expressive feature.
It is earth's eye;
looking into which the beholder measures
the depth of his own nature.

I took this picture at the shallow lake edge just as I was leaving after spending the afternoon swimming and kayaking with hubby and our daughter. I like the solidness of the stones, the smoothness of some while others are a little rough around the edges, the variety of colors, the fluid softness of the water transparent and calm at the moment but constantly changing...characteristics that can be used to describe my ever changing moods and feelings.

As a child, I loved the water
and put me in it now,
I will become that kid again.

Just fooling around and my shadow
...I love how well we get along together!


  1. Marisa, your shadow portraits are fantastic. I too would like to feel a bit taller, so your first one really made me smile.
    The textures of the one by the lake are really lovely. Great idea.

  2. This is gorgeous ... I love both the one of "tall" you :) and of your shadow in the lake. I wrote about textures too in the attempt to capture how multifaceted we are and how our shadows' reflections capture this.

    It's so wonderful that you understand the importance of spending time alone. I think many of us often forget we need this, or we recoil from it. I need this time alone too, but it can be difficult with a year-old daughter.

    Much love.

    P.s. I found some of your old posts buried in spam ... don't know how they found their way there ... I'll just have to check it now and then to make sure they didn't get lost.

  3. I love your looooong photo! I am a shorty too, and I love my afternoon shadow ;-)

  4. Spending time with yourself is important and something I need to do often as well. Next time I do, I'll be checking for my shadow. YOur photos are great. I especially like the one by the water. Very nice.

    Happy weekend, jj

  5. yes, your tall shadow is very nice! visiting from shaktimama...

  6. Love the 'tall' shadow! Why is it that only the legs get longer, I wonder?

    I love alone time, too. I have to have time to mull over my thoughts, which to me are like a mind shadow, ever following me around.

  7. This made me laugh! I to love my time alone, and having 3 young children I get so little of it that it has become my dream, and my treat.
    To walk alone, particularly in the early morning, or late afternoon, what a joy!

  8. I love how your loooong shadow is so clearly joining you on your otherwise solitary walk. I also need quiet space in which to simply *be*.


  9. I also am a kid in water, just love it. I also enjoyed your shadow pictures, what fun!

  10. aw, i missed this challenge. your pictures came out great!
    thanks for stopping by our blog. :)