Monday, August 10, 2009


I have just joined the Creative Every Day Challenge whose theme for August is Move! ...not just physical movement like dancing, running and yoga but also movement in the form taking risks, making changes in your life however small, switching things around a little...doing the two step outside your comfort zone, etc.

I then read a very interesting post by Christine over at Bliss Chick who also writes about movement, or our lack of it. We lead a sedentary life style ... do too much sitting when our bodies are meant to move. We sit in school, or at work and then try to fit in a little yoga or other exercise a few times a week to make up for all our sitting.

Even when we meditate we sit. We sit while trying to be one with our body...our body that's built to move. To quote Christine;
"We pontificate about the connection of mind and body, but too often, we are really talking about the mind's supremacy to body. If mind and body are really one, there is no hierarchy and we are missing out on an important part of our spiritual lives when we sit and meditate rather than get up and move."

We need to be more mindful in our daily life, mindful meaning being aware of each thought, each feeling, each happening, each moment...being one with our bodies and with each movement of our body.

I have just finished reading "Wherever You Go There You Are" by Jon Kabat-Zinn on Mindfulness Meditation in an attempt to become more aware in my daily life. His book describes various ways of incorporating mindful mediation into your daily routine, and I have tried several. I have tried sitting quietly to meditate but have found it just doesn't work for me. I can't quiet my monkey mind and being still too long tends to make me feel "down"...perhaps that's why sleeping in doesn't agree with me and I feel so much better getting up early.
For me, it's much easier to focus on "being" while walking, gardening, or painting etc.

My recent introduction to belly dance is an excellent way of being "one with your body" through movement. Each movement is controlled, yet fluid...well at least it should be after I get better at this point I look more like a chicken doing the bird dance.

(I'm the pink goddess in the front row)

...I do my best dancing
when no one is watching,

... dust rag in hand,
...the music cranked up
...yet mindful
...while getting the housework done
all at the same time. ..


  1. I've been contemplating joining the Creative Every Day Challenge as well -- I think it's a great reminder that being creative is such a gift to ourselves. I'm a wiggly-worm as well -- I'm happiest when I'm doing something. Love your belly dance group picture -- looks like so much fun.

  2. I think it´s great that you are finding ways to move and meditate that you enjoy. I´m sure it will help you be "emotionally" healthy too.
    I can´t sleep in either, it just makes my cranky! :)

  3. Hey there pink goddess... good luck on your new venture... I'm like you if I sleep in then I'm a zombie all day, as far as mindful movements I love practicing Qi Gong, I call it dancing with Qi (chi)

  4. You multi-tasker you! I bet it's a Diva with a dish rag!

  5. Oh...I'm going thru a sleep in phase lately since my kitchen is being renovated..(I don't want to go out there) and I noticed I am getting lazier by day..its been 2 weeks..this post has reminded me to get up and move..I was invited to walk tonight by the beach and I passed on it ..just no energy to move..I will have to make a point of forcing tv or computer until I walk...thanks for the reminder...

  6. I love your photo and poem! I still struggle with meditation--it's not easy, it's a discipline. I haven't been sitting every morning since the summer started, I have to water the garden instead. But the "goal" of mindfulness meditation is to be able to carry that mindfulness with you throughout your day, so the sitting the part is mental training. At least that's how I understand it.

  7. Really great post and I think it is wonderful that you are taking belly dancing lessons. My oldest daughter is very interested in belly dancing as well. Thanks for the name of the book, sounds interesting - I'd like to read that one.

  8. I really loved this post - and I love your belly dancing class picture. So fun!

  9. I never thought about that before, but it's so true! Interesting points you (and Bliss Chick) bring up.
    You are totally fabulous in your pink belly- dancing get-up! Kudos to you for not only getting moving, but doing it in a fantastically exotic way!

  10. Marisa, You look pretty in pink!!!

    Today's post-- "We need to be more mindful in our daily life, mindful meaning being aware of each thought, each feeling, each happening, each moment..." VERY well said!!! Thanks for the reminder.

    I'm just back from vacation so I'm off to catch up on your posts.


  11. hey goddess! you are looking great!

  12. so many things that resonate for me here. last summer i tried a form of kundalini meditation which is actually very active. the point of the one we did was to occupy the body so intensely (physically and vocally) then ultimately come to a place of rest. it was an amazing experience and worked wonders with my monkey mind.

    i also recently bought a necklace with the saying "wherever you go there you are." i didn't know there was a book by the same title. i just love the saying. we can "move" away from everyone except ourselves, huh?

    i love love love you as pink goddess belly dancer!!!