Friday, July 3, 2009


Through the morning fog and mist I ran like the wind, well more like a soft breeze…oh, Ok, I’ll be honest here…it was more like a slight draft, but hey, I was moving… for almost all of my usual 2.5 km. Route. I did have to walk past the three houses along the way, for who wants to see my babies flying north, south and every direction in between. It felt good. I felt exhilarated, ecstatic, so super fine. I was pumped! I have never been able to run, even in my twenties, so for me, now 50+, this was a big accomplishment.

When I got home hubby had coffee and the morning paper waiting (no he didn’t meet me at the door with nothing on but an apron and a smile) and the promise of an hour of quiet togetherness reading the latest news. All was good in my little corner of the world…until I read the headline in Section A, page 6:
“Teacher’s career ends with a 65 km. run home”. This teacher decides to celebrate his retirement from teaching by running home after his last teaching day, a mere 65 km, no less. I started to feel the air slowly deflate from my balloon.

A short time later, I looked out my front window to see our 70+ neighbor strutting past our house on his daily 5 km walk. Here is a man that makes this journey, at a pretty good clip, every day. Heat, rain, snow, sleet nor a fidget winter wind can keep this man from his daily trek. Amazing…or crazy, maybe, but here goes the rest of the air from my balloon…oh well…off to practice my belly dancing. Who knows, maybe I’ll excel at dance and become the next Susan Boyle super star. Just watch me!


  1. You just made my DAY!! I LOVED this...(esp. the idea of the north-south journey - *grin*).

    Now don't you DARE let that wind out of your balloons...pump 'em UP Sister!! I am IN AWE of you....I have been daring myself to take up running again....but I can barely commit to my morning trek (inspired by YOU!!), I don't know that Ye Olde Knees would hold up - years of battering via riding fast ponies, y'know?! So it'd be more of an animated shuffle, I think...but I used to run...I ran cross-country as a young 'un....*sigh* ..remember the Sisterhood...remember the are a Goddess..strap on those sneaks and get your butt back out there...

    Marjean -YOU rock my world....


  2. If it makes you feel any husband is doing the Ironman next month. Tomorrow he rides 100 miles then on Sunday runs 22 miles. And me? I took my dogs for a 2 mile walk...big whoop! LOL...

  3. I have a 2-word solution to your North-South problem: Shock Absorber. IT's a bra made in the UK. Google it, have a laugh with their bounce-o-meter, they come in every size. Totally worth the money if you do high-impact activities.

  4. I think it is AWESOME that you went for a 2.5 run-walk-jog!!
    What I think is important is to view everyone as moving at the pace best for their own body. If you tried 65km you might hurt yourself. As long as you are healthy for you- that's what matters :) Andrew is doing the couch to 5k program, and slowly, slowly (90 seconds run, 60 seconds walk) moving up to 5k in 9 weeks.

    And the bounce-o-meter sounds AWESOME!

    (ps- about the divacup- there are two sizes, one for pre-30yrs, or pre-birth and one for post... :) My mom is SO happy to be done with all that, so I look forward to being as happy and wise as her someday!)

  5. Okay, let's put your accomplishment back in proper perspective,shall we?

    I won't run from a burning building, you you gotta believe I won't run because it's good for me.

    Now,YOU, on the other hand? You run. See? You run!

  6. Oh, put that air back in your balloon. You'll catch them. You're not even close to 70 yet, right? Ha.