Monday, July 6, 2009


You may have seen the recent addition of the above picture on my sidebar. Thanks to Johanna and her wonderful blog "The Fifty Factor" for inspiration, I have finally found a way to hopefully broaden my audience for an issue I feel very strongly about. I had noticed on her side bar a badge promoting annual mammograms with links to her post on the subject, and... eureka! Back in April, as a birthday gift to my Mom who died at age 47 of colorectal cancer, I posted the first of what I hope to be an annual "BUM PLUG" promoting awareness of of a deadly, let curable disease if caught in the early stages. Titled, BOTTOMS UP - A BELOW THE BELT COMMENTARY ON A SENSITIVE ISSUE, it had faded into obliviousness along with all my older post, never to be read again. I wanted to keep it out there and in your face, so hopefully anyone reading it would pause, reflect and then take the next step and talk to their family doctor.

Please help to spread the message by adding it to your side bar so I can reach an even wider audience. If only one person takes the step and goes for early screening, my efforts are not wasted. Just save the above picture to your computer, click on layout on your dashboard, click on add a gadget, chick on picture and upload the picture and add this link;


Thanks for helping to keep the message out there, and make sure you check out what Johanna has to say on annual mammograms at "The Fifty Factor."


  1. that's wonderful. thank you for raising awareness~

  2. ABSOLUTELY!!!!! I am more than happy to include your reminder (and lovely pink rose button) encouraging people to get tested for Colorectal Cancer. My father's long battle with cancer that started with colon cancer so it's a subject that really hits home for me.

    Thanks for mentioning my blog, I really apprecaite it! The more we all help spread the word the better our chances are of helping people stay healthy!!!!

    Yours is a terrific post and one I will encourage my followers to read!

  3. Thanks for dropping by and for the great read lve had over here. I will be back......and l love your blog banner, one of your pics....its great!

  4. You know, of all the tests I've done, this one is by far the easiest...except for the prep part which, let's face it, only a camel could love drinking that much water in such a compressed time frame, but the rest? It's a nice little nappy and a wake up...all done.

    Please, don't wait. Just do it. You and those you love will be glad that you do. Marjean, thank you for taking a significant loss in your life and turning it into a help to the rest of us.