Saturday, May 4, 2013

Why Do I Garden keeps me grounded's good exercise

...while gardening is a lot of work, 
it slows me down and mostly, I find it meditative 

...I like the quite and solitude, even when gardening side by side
with hubby, we are deep in our own thoughts and
don't have to listen to each others yakking's the only time I get to wear the same sweaty, 
soiled clothes two days in a row 
without feeling crappy's the only time I wear perfume... "eau de OFF"

...the palette is constantly changing's cheaper than therapy's less depressing than religion

...gardening keeps me healthy, 
not only because of the exercise benefit,
but because digging in the earth and getting my hands dirty is good for me. 
It exposes me to lots of micro-organisms that 
keep my immune system strong.

...and yes Mr. Kipling, 
it does take time and sweat to keep one's gardens
 looking beautiful, 
and perhaps there is less time for sitting in the shade
...but all that hard work 
just makes the sitting more

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