Friday, December 17, 2010


This year instead of the usual Advent craft with my day care kiddies consisting of "paper chains" or "numbered ornaments"  on the tree or "bells" on Rudolph's harness, we opted for something simpler...Twelve Treats Of Christmas. We traced our hands to make mitten shapes on old Christmas cards, cut them out and glued two mittens together leaving an opening at the top into which I slipped a piece of card with a treat of the day written on it. Treats ranged from a chocolate, a special story, a pencil, or  pack of crayons  to a game of Reindeer Pokey.

Today's treat  was...popcorn for lunch...with real butter! It's funny how many kids have never experienced making popcorn other than sticking a bag in the microwave. They enjoyed watching it explode out of the air popper and really wolfed it down while telling me how good it was...even better than what you get at the theaters.

Maybe next Christmas I will pop it in a pot on top of the stove just like we used to in the "olden" days! They should get a real kick out of that.

Put the oil in the pot
and you let it get hot
Put the popcorn in
and you start to grin.

1 comment:

  1. What a terrific idea. I bet the kids love it.

    I can still remember the smell of real popcorn and the excitement of hearing that first "pop" when I was a kid. Thanks for the great memory.

    Merry Christmas, jj