Thursday, September 16, 2010


Today's post for Elements Of Self - Least Favorite Body Part is done in jest.
Although there is always something for which I can find fault in myself,
I have for the most part accepted that,
to borrow a phase from Popeye,

"I is what I is!"

I am...imperfect


I am healthy

I am active


I am happy

all for which I am very grateful.

...but I can still body bash with the best of them


...lets take it from the top!

...drum roll please...

(I will keep my list limited to the "B's" in order to keep it short)


The Beak

...too big

The Boobs
...too big
The hubby would argue
that these are my best feature
but he tends to think primarily with his "lower" mind
and he doesn't have to bra shop
does he have to carry this rack around.
(did I mention that I'm pretty good at male bashing too?)

We'll just skip past the Belly rolls...all three of them.

And now for the grand finale...

The Butt!

Unlike Sam at Emerging Into Wholeness,
I do not have the courage to post a picture of my ass
wearing nothing but my undies.
That's one brave woman!

Join guest host Sam at Emerging Into Wholeness
for more Elements Of Self
- Least Favorite Body Part.


  1. Bravo Marisa! This is a fantastic post, with a little bit of a smile to make the medicine go down. I personally don't see any of your listed features as imperfections (don't you hate it when someone says that to you though?).

    And on Juliana's behalf I just want to say thank you for participating this week.

    I shall add your link to the bottom of my post.

    Bright Blessings

  2. From one flat ass to another, I like and agree with your attitude that we are all imperfect but that doesn't mean that we are unhappy.

  3. The older we get, seems the more things we can find wrong with ourselves. I, too, am comfortable with who I am right now, but if I could change one thing, it would prolly be to reverse all the sun damage I did to my face when I was younger and stupider. Alas, botox is not an option for me -- too expensive and I really don't believe in it. Kudos to you for being so brave, but you really are an attractive lady. :) Have a great weekend!

  4. LOLLLLL This made me smile big. I love visiting with you!

  5. I like your quote on life. Your blog is very interesting and beautiful. I hope you like traveling so you may visit me at Travelling

  6. MOM! I can't believe you posted a close up of your boobs . . . I'm sooooo embarrassed:)Just joking.