Wednesday, July 21, 2010


"Learning to be comfortable in ourselves
... to reveal intimacies,
and to show our faces."
Juliana at Shakti Mama

I have recently discovered a wonderful blog "Shakti Mama" by Juliana that I would like to share. She is starting a weekly or bi-weekly self-portraiture titled "ELEMENTS OF SELF" and is inviting others to join the challenge of "seeing the self in the world through self portraits." It is an opportunity to look inside ourselves to find our own inner beauty and learn self- love and self-kindness.

At first I thought, I could never do this but I have decided to just "suck it up"and go for it. Although the sense of openness is exciting, it also scares the shit out me. Typically a shy introvert, taking part in in a self portraiture is going way beyond my comfort zone. While exposing a picture of myself to the world is not a problem, posting one in response to a thematic prompt is more difficult. But Juliana is breaking us in easily with the first week's prompt...a mask self-portrait...we get to cover our faces. We're free to do what we want...just have fun. A mask self portrait is a wonderfully symbolic beginning to what I hope will be a journey of self discovery.

I chose to do a mask self portrait using my belly dance veil. In belly dance, the veil provides a sense of allure and mystery but for many, the veil, physical or invisible, provides refuge or a place to hide... a shield that separates our real self from the world.

So take a stroll over to "Shakti Mama" and say hello to Juliana, and join the fun.


  1. I just joined too! Glad to see I'm in good company! Veils are good at concealing. Nice photo!

  2. This looks like it will be very interesting. I will have to go over and have a look, and at least see what others are doing.

  3. And a Goddess you are!

    Can't wait to get to know you better.

    Namaste, Nicole

  4. oh, i LOVE this...and that you used your belly-dance veil is brilliant!

    i'm so glad you decided to 'suck it up' (it was pretty much like that for me too)...

    i'm hoping it gets easier, the further we go...


  5. Oh, this is beautiful, I love the sheer blue folds and your smile and your twinkling eyes (blue? now i'm really looking forward to seeing your eyes self-portrait so i can see your eyes up close :)). You look so happy but mysterious too! There's something about your posture here, with your hands up, that is also so welcoming ... perhaps this pose has special meaning in belly dancing?

    And thank you for your lovely compliments about my blog :).

  6. what a beautiful photograph!

  7. That's a fantastic photograph of you. I've always wanted to learn to Belly Dance - mostly because I thought it might help me learn to love my tummy! It's sexy to be curvy, but even better if you know how to wiggle it just right.

    Lovely to see you again, Marisa.

  8. hi marisa!

    great photograph. i see mischief in that smile!

    i love bellydancing but haven't done it in thelongest time.

    isn't this series great, really pushing all our bounderies.

  9. Lovely photo - and lovely shade of blue on the veil.

  10. Your picture is gorgeous and a perfect way to start! Good for you to participate. You're far braver than I am.

    Hope your weekend is great. Stop by, I'm having a new giveaway.


  11. I'm glad you "sucked it up" too! I'm enjoying your photo.


  12. beautiful portrait! bellydancing seems wonderful :). I am so shy too, but I am liking the self portraits....
    Visiting from shaktimama....

    p.s. I am also loving your dad's wish quote there on the side.

  13. Beautiful!!!
    Looking forward to see your full face revealed..
    And being myself a private shy person I can certainly relate to wanting to hide, yet I am finding this exposure very liberating at the same time..

  14. A lovely photo of you and a great way to start revealing yourself.

  15. Beautiful mask. I know, this project is scaring me silly as well.
    Loved looking at your blog and all those beautiful birds.

  16. What a lovely photo, Marisa. There is something so intriguing and alluring in all that isn't "said" in this photograph. I'm looking forward to seeing more of you. :) And thank you so much for your very sweet words regarding my photo. I'm glad you connected with my post; glad to know I'm not alone. xo - Debbie