Sunday, June 27, 2010


The sound of birds stops the noise in my mind.
- Carly Simon

My initial excitement in discovering a nest of robin eggs tucked among the branches of the honey suckle vine climbing up the side of our back deck soon gave way to worry. Built just four feet off the ground , I knew this nest was easy pickings. When the eggs survived long enough to hatch I had a glimmer of hope...but was not to be.

These little guys lasted just one week before they became a meal for what I suspect was a raccoon.

But , for every story with a sad ending, there is one with a happy one. Sometimes we have humming birds that fly into our garage through the large door which is open during the day. Once in, they flutter all over the garage trying to get back out, sometimes flying against the windows. They can't seem to navigate their way back out through the large open door way. Luckily, I was able to rescue two in the past couple of weeks.

This little guy got caught between the top and lower window pane but I was able to pick him up and release him outside.

Isn't he/she beautiful?

After a brief rest on my hand he flew off.

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  1. Those are great pictures.....happy Sunday Citar

  2. Your pictures are wonderful. Sad about the robins. You are a hero humming bird rescuer though.

  3. Fabulous photos! I love the ones of the hummingbird. I have never held one or gotten that close a shot!
    Great quote as well.
    We had a nest of 3 robins' eggs - only 2 hatched. i watched them fly off and trust they made it.

  4. Very beautiful indeed. I love your pictures. I'm so sad about the robins :(

  5. Lovely and heartbreaking, both.

  6. Wow, that hummingbird is really something! Did you know Jill is having a photo scavenger hunt and a hummingbird is on the list???

    So sorry about the baby birds. We had a low nest with 2 eggs that hatched but 2 weeks later it was gone-- nest and everything. I have no idea what happened to them.

    Hope your week is good.

  7. Oh, I love this! So, so precious and beautiful. Something about baby animals ... it inspires me a similar feeling as that I have for my daughter when I'm feeling especially intimate and protective of her.

    How wonderful you were able to save two of them :).

  8. Wow amazing photos. Humming birds are so beautiful, but I didn't know they are that small. I never saw a humming bird in nature, but I hope I do soon. Too bad for those just hatched baby robins. The color of those eggs is amazing. Thanks for sharing!