Friday, January 15, 2010

6 FOR 6

That was an intense thirty minutes!

Boy, I thought I was flying!

After last night, I feel great!

Four times a week is good!

Get your minds outa the gutter!

I'm talking about last nights workout!

So, I programed my treadmill last night for thirty minutes on a level I had never attempted before, and for a while I felt like I could take off in flight...right off the end of the runway, before I had to slow that baby down a little. I kept picturing myself ending up on Funniest Home Videos or Howdy Do It.

I have just completed week one of the 26 week X-Weighted Challenge and already I feel better than I have in months. Since I had never watched the show, I signed on for the online challenge not knowing what I was getting myself into, but so far so good. I have put in three hours of moderate exercise walking every morning and three hours of intense exercise in the evening with my treadmill, elliptical machine and weight bench. I did have to take 20 pounds off the bar as I couldn't even lift it off the rack at the weight I had been lifting the last time I went on a workout binge. Just goes to show how fast your muscles go to puddy when they aren't being used. Hopefully, I will stay committed for the entire 26 week chalenge...we'll see.

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  1. A lot of 6 words! Good job on the 6 words and the great workout!

  2. Time on the treadmill
    is time well spent. Some folks might
    call it heaven-sent!

    My Six Words

  3. oh boy... good luck, i love working out and it always feels good, but why do we always jump off the wagon at one point or another... i just tried for the first time yesterday a new workout place called cardio barr, it's fun and hard at the same time..good luck to both of us ya!

  4. Good for you! Keep up the good work. You inspire me to get going. I need it too.

  5. Inspirational! I really need to do the same thing. Maybe tomorrow.

  6. Congratulations for the first step! And for keeping on the Program. That is always the hardest part. You can do it!

  7. Lol @ get your minds out of the gutter!!
    I assumed you meant a workout, I did mine right before reading the 6WS's though so it's still fresh on my mind. 4 times a week is awesome! I try to do at least that too, but there are some days (like then the stupid scale wont go DOWN) that I just want to shrug it off. Thank God for friends that hold me accountable!! Six hours of workouts a DAY?! That's a lot of working out!!!

  8. LOL it's amazing how good working out makes you feel!

  9. 36 words six at a time
    and the words don't even rhyme
    isn't that some kind of crime
    and you made a hard climb
    Soon you will reach your prime
    This used up all my time

  10. I'll be cheering you on all 26 weeks! You go girl.


  11. Hahha! That was a great 6 for 6! Isn't exercise wonderful?! (sometimes :o))

  12. Congrats! I don't always love the feeling leading up to a workout or during the workout but afterwards, knowing you've accomplished something good for your body is a great feeling.

    Thanks for playing 6WS.