Saturday, October 31, 2009


Because it's Halloween I'm going to take liberties and post three "Six Word Saturdays"

"Come on in...if you dare!"

"Spooky things happen when we're away."


"Thank God the party is over!"

These are just some of the decorations we had hanging downstairs for my daycare until strange things started to happen while we were away last Sunday.


Something started to set off our security systems motion detector which led to a visit by the RCMP. One of our key holders let him in and a full inspection of our house took place. (Why is it that whenever these things happen, the bed is always unmade and dirty laundry is on the floor) It was decided that the culprit was a window that hubby had forgotten to close after after opening it that morning to clear smoke that had backed up into the basement when he lit the fire (see previous post). Believing that a gust of wind must have blown some decorations the officer closed and locked the window, our key holder reset the alarm and both went on their way.

We were totally embarrassed, mortified and "worked up" when we got home and heard the message our key holder had left explaining what had taken place, but that was nothing compared to what we were feeling later that evening when, after finally calming down, we had a call from our second key holder, telling us that she too had been over at our house to let the very same RCMP officer in to do a second check of our home. Our final summation was that our air exchanger was creating enough movement in the decorations to set off the sensor. What we can't figure out is why, after hanging for a week and a half without any problem, they were suddenly setting it off. Needless to say, they have been taken down or relocated and we have not received any more visits from the RCMP.

Ahh...but there's one more...

"Strange things are still happening here!"

The party is over but there are no pictures to post as they have somehow disappeared from my memory card...but the kids had fun especially when they got to use their feet and chocolate pudding to make "monster tracks."

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  1. Love the spider! Thank goodness it was just a false alarm on the motion detectors though.

    Happy SWS!

  2. Ohhhhh, that is kinda spooky! By any chance was their a black cat spotted in the area too :-)

    Your decorations are terrific. I'm sure the kids loved them!


  3. Creepy... Our cats set off our motion detector so we can't enable it anymore. So glad we paid extra for it and the installer of course assured us the kitties couldn't set it off.

    Thanks for playing 6WS!