Tuesday, October 20, 2009


....enchanted worlds still exist because the child within us never dies. The doorways may be more obscure, but we can still seek them out. There are still noble adventures to undertake. There are still trees that speak and caverns that lead to nether realms. There will always be faeries and elves within nature because they will always be dancing within our hearts. ~Ted Andrews

My daycare"little people" had a lot of fun making "woodland faerie" mask although, as you can see from my pictures, some of them were hesitant to wear their finished creation.

Did you know that Forest Fairies have an important job to do...Forest Fairies heal trees that have been damaged by storms, infestations or harmful insects. They are born with the knowledge of ancient forests.


  1. What a cool, creative idea! Those masks are wonderful. Enchanted worlds are nice places to visit :)

  2. Such cute little ones! I bet you get a kick out of being with them!

  3. how sweet :)

    marisa, i gave you a little something over at my blog, but i see that you already have one. but hey, nothing wrong with more appreciation right?


    hope all is well with you!

  4. What a great project for those little ones. So colorful. Kudos to you. :)

  5. I want one! Are there any supplies left? I can make one in advance for next year!

  6. Thanks everyone...Grace, I'll set some aside and give them to you the next time we get together.