Wednesday, September 9, 2009


The past weekend was a special time for my daughters and me...three whole days for some girlie time without the guys...time for Frenchy shopping, belly dancing, yoga, walking and kayaking.

Our yoga instructor

dressing up for our belly dance lesson...

the girls...

me and my oldest...

me and my youngest...

Dressing down for a late night walk before beauty!

A great day for kayaking!

twice around the lake for the girls...

me and hubby/dad...
ok, so it wasn't a totally "girlie" time,
but someone had to haul the kayaks to the lake for us
...should I mention that "someone" loaded the kayaks onto the truck
and forgot to load the paddles,
so "he" had to go back home to get them.
I guess you do need a man to add a little excitement!


  1. I'd love to kayak it looks so peaceful. belly Dancing sounds fun too. I love your outfits.

  2. I love seeing the photos of you & the girls! What a wonderful, fun-loving family you have. (And yes, males are always helpful for kayak-carrying! Glad you had him along. :o))

  3. loved your post dear ! and i know that mostly it is "he" who keeps our spirits electrified and make us hyper but then when we cool down.. it is "he" on whom we laff and laff!
    gosh that "he" is sooo Indian... are men same everywhere? brouhaha

  4. awesome... love belly dancing, what a great time was had... love your yoga instructor... does she do private lessons??? ;)

  5. Hi Marisa,

    Looks like a fun three days with your daughters. I too love kayaking! Great sport.


  6. AHHHHH, how scary it is to see pictures of yourself on the Internet. I don't think Amanda is going to like this!!!

    I had a great time mom.

  7. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the photos, it looks like you guys had some great quality girlie time!

  8. It looks like you had so much fun with your girls! Loved seeing them in the pictures. They are beautiful!
    And to your post from today. I so wish to learn more about computers as well. Especially about html!

  9. I had a great weekend mom and dad. Love you lots.