Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Come join the Poetry Party whose Theme is:


sponsored by Christine Valters Paintner at Abbey of the Arts

"Art and poetry are essentially about savoring a moment in time,
looking and listening closely and breaking open its gifts
and basking in its wonder."

...for a little boy I cared for a few years ago...

As You Are
If I could have my way,
I would cease the pendulous
passage of time,
to keep you
…as you are.

And I would etch your elfin smile
and dandelion clock hair
into stone,
to keep you
…as you are.

But, alas,
I have neither the power to suspend time,
or the crafter’s gifted hand,
to keep you
…as you are.

So I will stand aside and watch,
as with the wax and wane of tides and shifting sand,
you evolve from boy to man,
and I will shed a selfish tear.
I couldn’t, for just a little while, keep you
…as you are.

March 23, 2004


  1. Beautiful poem and a beautiful image.
    But think how horrible it would be if a child reached a point and then quit aging.

  2. Marisa, Marisa, Marisa!

    This is glorious. Poetry sometimes makes me step back, away, and shy.

    But this one, I want to hug close. It's really lovely. Real. Just grand.

  3. Lovely poem...so speaks to my heart. as the mother of sons I have felt this way about all of them!

  4. awesome poem...and though it is exciting to watch them grow I know the feeling of sometimes wishing you could just keep them those innocent kids for awhile longer

  5. Marisa, this is really beautiful, filled with longing and poignancy. Thanks so much for your offering to the Poetry Party.

  6. Beautiful poem! Many times I have looked at a young beautiful child and wished I could capture that beauty.