Friday, August 7, 2009


What do you get each other after 32 years together? (33 if you want to include the year we “sinfully shacked up” before officially tying the noose) Over the years the allure of jewelery has lost it’s sparkle and we’ve never been the “say it with flowers” type of people…much too wasteful, we’d rather invest in shrub roses that will last a life time …and as for an overnight “date night”…we’re empty nesters with a very fine nest at home, so with no kids and no neighbors there's no urge to get away. A fancy meal at an upscale restaurant…my mind won’t let go of “we could buy a week’s worth of groceries with what we’re paying for this one meal, which by the way, isn’t enough to fill an ant’s gut.” That comes from being raised in a family of ten where frugality was a necessity not a life style choice.

After several weeks of wondering what to do (that’s me… not hubby, who was blissfully unaware of the approaching anniversary until I gave him the heads up a few days prior to the date, by suggesting that he may want to stop and pick up a card) the answer came to us quite by accident.

Now, I love to swim, hubby…not so much, which means I seldom get to go to the lake since I don’t like going alone. But out of the blue hubby gets it into his head that this weekend we would go swimming, and he would take over an old inflatable dingy that had belonged to our girls when they were little so he could boat while I swam. I had forgotten we still had the thing. It’s been stored in the attic for at least 20 years. Needless to say, after digging it out and inflating it, it was much smaller than we had remembered and due to it’s age, untrustworthy.

But all was not for naught! It got our little minds in gear to the point that we went out and bought ourselves two new kayaks, paddles and life jackets…nothing too extravagant…just basic 8 foot beginner kayaks…200 pound capacity, but all that we would ever need, yet small enough to handle, and store ...something we can both enjoy and something long lasting.

We had kayaked for the first time on a beautiful river in Morrell, PEI two summers ago along with our two daughters and our son-in-law and his family, and had such a great time we knew it would be a hobby we would like to take up.

Putting away one of our kayaks
after a fun trip
to the


  1. I'm jealous of your kayaks! Glad you had fun though.

  2. Happy Anniversary! May there be many more... :)

  3. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like great fun.

    Love that picture of the two of you.


  4. I always struggle with presents for my husband
    same thing we don'tlike leaving home, because we love it here,and we have 2 dogs and miss them when we go.... and dinner out, well its always better at home for us, I'm vegetarian and he is on low sodium...We don't need things cus we are trying to simplify our life...I LOVE the idea of doing something like going to the lake..and getting kayaks..Now that is a wonderful idea...I think it was very romantic of your husband suggesting this...Now that is a wonderful anniversary !!!!

  5. Congratulations on your anniversary!

    Kayaking - great way to enjoy each others company and your surroundings! It's the perfect gift that'll keep on giving!

  6. You lucky girl with a kayak. Dave and I have been tossing the idea of getting a double for the past couple of years but we keep putting it off.

  7. I don´t know how I missed this post! Happy belated Anniversary to you and hubby!!
    I´m glad you guys got yourselves a gift you will enjoy for longer than a bouquet of flowers! Looks like fun!

  8. That is a gorgeous photo of the two of you. Is that your garden? It's breathtaking!
    Happy Anny!

  9. Happy Belated Anniversary! I am a kayaker, too. Addictingly wonderful!