Tuesday, July 28, 2009


There are many things I've come to like about the blogging world since I started my own four months ago, and I've connected with a network of friends who seem to share the same general interest that I do. I am constantly amazed that they take the time to not only read what I have to say, but often make the extra effort to leave wonderful comments to my post. I, in turn get a lot of enjoyment reading their blogs. Some make me laugh, some make my eyes misty, some make me feel a little angry, some make me a tad envious, wishing that I could write with the same clarity and prose, and some make me feel calm and relaxed.

There is even an aspect to the blogging world that is somewhat addictive, and I admit, I get excited whenever I check my email (and do it more often than I should) and find that someone has left a new comment, and I get a little rush whenever I gain a new follower, which is exactly what happened this morning...yip... pee...hooray...27 followers!

As I customarily do whenever I get a new follower, as I am sure we all do, I checked this person's profile, and popped on over to their blog to check it out. In most cases, I usually find a shared interest and will follow that person's blog, but not so this morning.

This morning I got upset...really mad in fact...which is something that doesn't happen very often to me. I'm usually pretty mellow most of the time...except when hubby gets my goat, which fortunately isn't very often...or when people do really stupid things. I just don't tolerate stupidity very well...I mean, really, what were they thinking?

Back to what got me smoking this morning, I check this guy's blog..."guy's"...there's a red flag waving...are you connecting the dots here...and I find a blog filled with photos of sexy, half naked girls in provocative poses and post titles like "Hot Sexy Girls" etc. etc. etc.
If he's happy posting semi nude pictures, that's fine, it's his right,and I'm sure he's has a very wide audience, but what bugs me is that he added himself as one of my followers. It's not like I'm writing anything that would remotely interest him. He is only using my blog as a vessel to connect with other blog members.

I don't like to be pushed and I don't like having stuff shoved at me. If I want to buy a vacuum cleaner I will check the yellow pages go looking for one. If I want religion I will find it on my own, in my own time, don't come knocking at my door with a little kid in tow, and if I want to look at smut, I will google it.

After checking my other followers, I found another that I was not comfortable having on my blog... again ... a guy...although I didn't see his blog...it came with an adult content warning, I have blocked both from my follower's list. I will not be a pusher for anyone.

So, I am back down to 25 followers but I am feeling great after getting all that anger out of my system and I'm ready to enjoy the rest of my day.


  1. Oh wow...I would be upset too!!! I dont know why there always has to be those people that have to try turning everything into their own little playground for smut!!! GRRRRRRR!!!! IM glad you got rid of them and that it made you feel better...enjoy your day...and forget about those ding -dongs!!! (oops that didnt come out right but you know what I mean!)

  2. that's weird! Glad you stood up for yourself and got rid of them.

  3. Oh my gawd!! I had no idea people did that sort of thing?!!! *shudder* That's truly creepy...

    good for you for checking up on them......

    I'm still utterly amazed.....

  4. That's icky having someone with a website like that following you. I'm glad you blocked them.

    Enjoy the rest of this lovely day.


  5. Mel, Grace and Dena, ...I can't believe you you guys haven't encountered the same problem considering you've been blogging for a long time. This is actually the third time for me. I was once asked to befriend someone through "Blogcatalogue" whose blog made these ones look pretty tame. Am I attracting these people somehow. The only thing I can come up with is that they must Googling "Belly Dancers" and coming up with links to my post. Grrr... why do men have to equate belly dance with strippers and pole dancers. Or, maybe they made the connection through my name...Marisa...there's probably a few porn stars out there that share my name. I'm sure they didn't find me by googling "Rosemary Bread."

  6. I had my previous blog for over three years and have luckily not had this problem either! I´m sure it is for the reasons you mentioned in your comment.
    But it would get my blood boiling too! Good for you for blocking them! I am adding myself as a follower, so your number will go up again... :)

  7. ooh thanks! i don't always check my followers. i'll start! yikes~ good for you for blocking them :)

  8. M:
    I just had to do the very same thing today, although this guy wasn't that sort you are addressing, just some odd guy who is using my link to drive clicks to his odd site which I wasn't invited to attend. So, I hope you don't mind, that I've joined on to your site today and now you are at 27 once more. Thank you for your input on my blog. I always respect your common sense and straight forward manner.

  9. Good for you for watching and dropping them. That's really not cool on their part.

    I don't like it either when I get "comment" with links to products or commercial blogs. I delete them immediately too.

    I'm already a follower so I'd follow you today!

  10. No you back up to 27 congratulation and good on your for standing your ground and deleting them. Even though these idiots wont get the message and keep doing the same thing to other blogs.

    I always check my followers out too, but this has never happened to me yet.

    I once got a comment on my by from law firm telling how much the cared, when I posted about divorce. I found that quit funny though.

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I completely agree with you- I hate it when people follow or heart me just so that I will go look at their blog, twitter page, web site etc...and it's usually fairly obvious when a person is following you for that reason.