Wednesday, July 22, 2009


With some time off this week I had a chance Monday to do one of my favourite activities…Frenchy shopping, but this time I was on a mission. I was on treasure hunt for all that glittered, more specifically, tops,…skimpy, shinny, sexy and glittery tops to go with a black skirt I was lucky enough to find a couple of weeks ago. No, I was not looking for something to wear bar hopping, but something to complete my belly dance costume. While I found oodles of tops that shimmered, none were large enough to cover one boob let alone two. While luck wasn’t with me in my top hunt, I did find another skirt perfect for dancing, a pink floral print wrap around silk skirt that I plan to wear on our final night of lessons a week from now.

I was feeling pretty excited about my find, envisioning that I would be the “bell of the ball” for the final dress up night, until I went to my lesson Monday night and “she” arrived, a little late, in full belly dance attire.. One of the things I love about my belly dance lessons is that we are a group of women of all ages, size and body types that get to “let it go”. Instead of sucking it all in, we are encouraged to let it flow and ripple, the more the better. Throughout the dance you feel your body move in ways you may never think possible and you work muscles you didn’t know you had, so that the following day you feel tight and toned …for a while anyway.

To get back to “she”, she is probably the youngest of our group, fairly tall, slim and toned. with beautiful long curly “naturally” golden locks.. You getting the picture now? She was the embodiment of a goddess in a class of…well the rest of us. Now, I’ve always believed that our bodies are our temple to be loved and honoured, but it gets really hard finding the love when there are those among us walking around with nicer temples…makes me feel like I got stuck with a shack.

Back to “she”, she was wearing a gorgeous costume that a friend brought home from the Mediterranean, a deep purple low cut organza skirt. trimmed with beading and silver coins and to top off the costume, a purple bra decorated with matching beading and coins. We have the option of showing our bellies, but for good reason we choose not to, but if I had a temple with perky little boobs like hers, I too would be showing it. But, alas, I don’t think my boobs have ever perked, except for maybe that time I walked into a hornet’s nest and was stung all over.

After the lesson was over we all flocked to her like pigs at a trough to examine her costume close up. I had to resist the temptation to poke one of those perks just to see if they were real. Throughout all our poking and lifting her skirts, she remained calm and accepting until we had our fill. But I had noticed in previous lessons a calmness and an almost zen like quality about her. Even without her costume, there is a warm and radiant glow about her, and while I am a little envious of her youth and beauty, it is her calmness and natural glow I would like to capture for myself.


  1. i can certainly identify with your feelings toward her. i hope it didn't get you down. i think it's wonderful you're doing this class. what an act of self-love and uninhibition! :)

  2. You are cracking me up with the perky boobs thing.

  3. There's one in very crowd :-)

    Great for you for taking belly dancing and great post! Thank you!

  4. I do love my class even though I knew no one when I started. It's great fun and a wonderful workout that doesn't feel like a workout. I would recommend taking lessons to anyone looking for a fun way of exercising, and if you could get a group of friends together to take part,it could be a night of side splitting laughter.

    No, I don't feel bad or down about having a "Goddess" in our class... I post in jest. She really was stunning though. It's a wonder we didn't trip over all the mouths that were dropping on the floor when she walked in. I admire her courage and confidence. I couldn't have done that even when I was a younger, slimmer version of myself.

    Our classes are ending for the rest of the summer and starting up in September. I think I will sign up for the beginner class again as well as the intermediate class which follows, though they may need to carry me out to my car after three hours of dancing.

  5. Thanks for visiting me at Delights of the Heart. I hope you did dress up and sip tea. Your blog has given me several chuckles this morning. Belly dancing and coming out of the closet are so fun to read.

  6. Mom, just remember, not all goddesses are of the Venus variety! There's Hestia, a greek goddess of the hearth and home that doesn't even have a human form to represent her, and there are those early goddess figures that are more than just "pleasantly plump".

  7. I'm so envious of you and you're strong spirit to get out there and do something like that... My "shack" is wired with "hermitism" and, wow, to get out and take a belly dancing class would take some giant miracle. So swirl those hips and belly with pride and have great fun. Love the pink dress, by the way...

  8. When I saw the name on the comment you made on my blog, at first I thought you were my daughter! And I haven´t told her about this new blog yet, so I was pretty "excited"....
    I agree with you, the name is very uncommon! But I´m glad to get to know you. It´s even spelled the same way as my daughters! :)
    I wish there was an interesting story behind the name, but there isn´t really. We were looking for a name that you could pronounce well both in German (which is the language that we speak most), english and Spanish (because of the country we live in). And this was the name we both agreed on and loved.

    The story you tell of your belly dancing class is hilarious. I can so identify with the feelings you had!
    I hope to see you at my blog again sometime!