Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Have you ever been up close and personal with a slug? Can I take back my heart felt apology on my previous post to all slugs in the slug world , or would doing so bring me down to their level? The devious little buggers were quite happy to be let off the hook for a while, but I’m on to them now. Yes, cucumber beetles may have left their mark on my zucchini plants but I now know they were not acting alone but were in cahoots with the slug from the get go.
The last few wet days have brought the sneaky little sods out of hiding in droves to feast heavily overnight. Back from my morning walk today, I discovered in my zucchini patch a whole army with smirks on their faces and bellies fat from gorging. I know a smirking slug when I see one although the ones I usually encounter are of the two legged family member variety. After this morning I’ve come to love the feel of squished slug underfoot, although the slim left on my fingers from picking them up is totally gross and doesn’t wash off easily even with a good scrub with soap and water. (must wear gloves next time)
So, as of today, all bets are off…apology retracted. The line is drawn…a pox on them!

Little Known Slug Facts
Slugs go about .007 miles an hour.
Slugs sometimes are both female and male, and if no one else is around, will mate with themselves.
Slug slime can take away the sting from nettles.
Slugs can stretch out 11 times their normal length.
Slugs mark their homes with their own scent so they can find their way home after dark.

For a good article on dealing with slugs read THOSE CREEPY SLIMY SNEAKY SLUGS & SNAILS by Bruce Zimmerman


  1. Marjean, your retraction is hilarious!

    You have to admit, they are pretty interesting creatures, though. I mean, they can mate with themselves?! Woah.

    And how did someone figure out that their slime takes away the sting of stinging nettles?

  2. Mom, you are a funny writer. If you're ever looking for a new profession . . .

  3. I'm with you on your dislike of slugs! If they would leave my flowers and veggies alone, I wouldn't care about them.

    I have an aunt and uncle that used to love to go outside in the early evening and salt the slugs! It sucked all their slime out and killed them.

  4. I loved this slug(gish) story although I can tell from your tone that enjoyment was far from your mind. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  5. What interesting facts. I wonder who would win a race between a slug and a snail.