Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Thanks to Mel and her blog "From Clutter To Shine", I've made a pledge...I'm taking a walk or should I say, a ride on the wild side. After reading her description of her vintage bicycle, repainted my favorite color...purple, I decided "I can do that and yep... I'm gonna do it!"

I too have a vintage bike, a three speed Schwinn Corvette bike circa the 1940's that we picked up at a yard sale years ago. Apparently, it was purchased at a bike shop in Germany during or just after the war and brought home to Nova Scotia. It's in good condition with original paint, wide tires and fenders and a heavy steel parcel carrier on front and back. I won't be painting it purple, but it's still a unique looking bike. Actually, I've always been a little embarrassed to ride it but that's going to change this weekend cause I'm going cruising.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a social butterfly and tend to avoid crowds and the spotlight, preferring instead to putter around my home, and spend time with hubby...when he's not getting on my nerves... and my daughters every chance I get. In other words...
I don't get out much!

I am normally quiet and reserved, unless I'm home in my comfort zone, or after a few drinks of my sister's homemade wine (which happens very seldom because I do believe there is a fine line between being social and chatty and being mouthy) or unless I'm in a play ground. That 50+ lady you may have seen or heard last summer whooping it up in a park in center of of Lunenburg while high bouncing her 27 year old daughter on a tetter was just someone who looked like me.

Typically, I tend to dress and act as not to draw attention to myself: no tattoos, piercings or purple hair. My most daring activity lately is my annual Mother's Day tradition of nude sun bathing. Granted, I'm on my back deck with a robe at the ready in case a hasty cover up is required and my husband is posted on guard duty out front should a visitor chance by (a job he does poorly as he seems to keep finding task in the back yard requiring his attention). ***Before anyone gets in a titter about the dangers of sun bathing-I only do it once a year and the goal is a very light toasting-not nipple burn.

This being apple blossom weekend, our normally quiet orchard lined country road will see an increase in traffic with people driving around viewing blossoms. What a perfect time to don a big straw hat and take a ride. I think I may just have a long flowered skirt that would complement that hat...


  1. Oh you GO girl!!!!! I am smiling so wide right now.....and I really needed to smile!!! Thank you!!!

    Nude sunbathing? Whaddya mean you don't get out much?!?! I think your Wild Woman is just a-screamin' to be let loose....

    I now have a fabulous vision of you touring down your road...skirt billowing out, hat perched jauntily...hmmmm....Sisterhood of the Purple Bicycle....I"ve just had a marvelous idea...

    DO post a pic...have that hubby of yours snap a few as you go sailing by....

    ~much love~

  2. Mom, I just posted this on my blog: "Give up your addiction to other people's opinions." Have fun on your bike.

    PS. I had loads of fun with you last summer on the playground!

  3. I love this post. Something in my brain went from your Mothers Day sunbathing event to the idea of nude bicycling down apple blossom lane. What do you say? You up for it?
    Actually, not a good idea.

    But have a lovely time cruising on your bike this weekend.

    Bright Blessings

  4. Thanks Samantha. I really did enjoy my bike ride, although from now on I will be sporting my bike helmet instead of the straw hat which kept sliding down over my eyes. Can't wait to go shopping or maybe check out some yard sales to see what I can find to really deck out my wheels. As for nude biking, I don't think I would ever be that brave, although hubby would probably be up for it.

    My next walk on the wild side...I am seriously considering signing up for belly dance lessons.

  5. aww, it's so nice to hear the story of where this purple bike sisterhood originated~ good for you for your bike riding and sunbathing and general self-reflection and just being~~

    i'm on a parallel journey~

    nice to be riding along :)