Thursday, April 2, 2009


Last evening while out for our walk, my husband and I saw a bald eagle flying above us. Just last week I had watched one from my front window, soaring above the apple orchard across the road from our home. The sun was shining and its white head seemed to sparkle and gleam. I watched it circle several times before it flew out of sight.
Bald eagles are plentiful about five minutes drive from here ever since some farmers started throwing out carcasses for feed several years ago. In fact, it has become a big winter attraction around here...the "Eagle Watch" in Steam Mill but we don't usually see them this close to our home.

Hawks, we see fairly often but I still have to stop whatever I'm doing to watch them glide over head. One day last winter I was cross country skiing when I when I came upon an amazing scene. I was just approaching a couple of ponds when I noticed several hawks circling above me and then landing on the pond to my left. As I watched at least 7 or 8 swooped low and then landed to feed off some sort of carcass on the ice. I watched in amazement for several moments before turning around and back tracking wishing all the while that my daughters were there with me and that my husband had gone with me (he doesn't enjoy skiing as much as me and sometimes it takes some prodding to get him to go...his idea of exercise is eating and ...well ...that other!!!)...oh, well, you snooze you loose. He did go with me the next day in hopes of a repeat show, but there was no sign of a hawk anywhere. We did go out onto the ice to see what they had feasted on and it was definitely a deer... the bones picked clean. There were other animal tracks in the snow...not sure what they were...but some other animal had made the kill and the hawks were only helping themselves to the leftovers and nothing was wasted. We sure could learn a lot from the animal kingdom.

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