Sunday, April 26, 2009


Yes sir, this weekend was the perfect time to attack those tough little bastards. You know the ones…they don’t seem to die off but are there the moment the snow melts as if to ask, where in the hell have you been all winter? Nope, not even our frigid Canadian winter can kill these suckers. So with edger, trowel, cultivator and dandelion digger in hand, we tramped outside to whip our gardens into shape. This is no small feat as we have several garden areas on our one acre lot but it was a beautiful day, we had a radio outside and it was quite enjoyable. Hubby and I spent the entire day at it and probably got half the gardens done…more left for another day.

The proof is in the puddin'...The hubby helped all day...must either want something or he's kissing up!

The music was good, especially Matt Anderson. If you've never listened to him you should download his version of "Ain't No Sunshine" He's a BIG man with a gigantic voice and the best guitar player there is.

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