Sunday, April 12, 2009


A couple of weeks ago after an enjoyable lunch of California Rolls, Crab Rolls, Miso Soup and Seaweed Salad at a small local Sushi restaurant, my husband and I stopped at Walmart to pick up a few items… hubby heading to the auto motor section and I… house wares. Walking past the aisles of Easter candy …candy … candy, I couldn’t stop myself from picking up two solid chocolate bunnies to enjoy later that evening. When hubby met me a short time later, upon seeing the items in my hand, exclaimed “I can’t believe you’re buying those!” “No, you’re right, I’m putting them back” I say. “No, no. that’s Ok, get them” he says. Yes!…No! …Yes! …No! Needless to say, we left the store empty handed, but feeling all empowered because we had fought temptation and won…until the day before Easter. Bracing ourselves, we battled the crowds of last minute Walmart Easter shoppers in search of that elusive solid chocolate bunny but not one could be found…nope…nadda…nothing! “Tis fate” I said, “I guess it was meant to be”, our bodies will feel better without it. So off to the grocery store to pick up our weekly supplies of veggies and …but wait…was that a chocolate bunny under that man's arm?..and I'm off!

A bite of chocolate is good for you...maybe not cheap chocolate and certainly not a whole bunny but...hey, we are a work in progress...maybe next year.

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  1. hi mom, in the hotel bed. when I get back I'll send you some links for blog tech stuff.